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About me

Full Stack Web Developer / Senior Software Engineer

I prefer to work on non-standard and large web projects, web applications with unusual functionality and solutions, new technologies and other cool stuff. If you need casual simple site, online shop or something similar — you'd better ask others. Last years also actively participate in mobile applications development.


Glazov's Institute of Engineering and Economics (branch of Izhevsk State Technical University)
ASoIP&C Department, Software Engineer (equiv. of Master's Degree in Computer Science)
(2002 — 2007)


  • PHP (8+ years, highly proficient), JavaScript (11+ years, highly proficient), Swift (2 years, advanced)
  • iPhone / iOS / Android app development using Titanium SDK (Appcelerator)
  • Zend Framework, MZZ Framework, AngularJS, Angular 2
  • OOP/OOAD, MVC, patterns, Web Applications and Databases architecture, UX/UI, TDD, Unit and E2E testing
  • XHTML, DIVs layouts, CSS/CSS3 (matrix transform and other voodoo), jQuery, AngularJS, Prototype, Smarty, XML, JSON, AJAX, Facebook API, Jasmine, Karma Test Runner
  • MySQL (12+ years, proficient), SQLite, Memcached, PDO
  • highload, nginx, memcache(d), anti-DDOS kung fu
  • Git[-flow], Mercurial (Hg), SVN, JIRA, Agile, Scrum, XP, CI (Jenkins)
  • setting up and administration of Linux-servers (Debian, CentOS)
  • languages: Russian (native), English (spoken, upper-intermediate)
  • +4 to persuasion, +7 to team morale (within 10 yards and the next room), +6 to bugs detection, +8 to code quality, +20% to progress speedup
  • tell jokes, sing songs, drink beer

Personal qualities: high responsibility, sociability, "desire to do everything right, like for myself", optimism, wild sense of humor!

Interests and Hobbies

  • walk with my family
  • take photos and participate in various events, about which I write in this blog
  • play guitar: at home, in band, with friends on booze
  • play on Xbox
  • listen to music and live concerts
  • to have no hangover in the morning


Full Name icon Vladimir Tolstikov aka BoBr, bobrosoft
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